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The source of income or the right choice of profession whether Business or job is the crucial part in everyone’s life. Most of the people want to do their own business, either small or large scale. How it feels when you get to know that which business is suitable and fruitful to you? Sounds great, isn’t it. So, before starting your business it is always right to look for Business Astrology to get full-fledged success in your business.

It is always said that "All is well if the end is well". But the reality is all will be the well if the beginning is well and on the right time. Beginning is the main deciding factor of everything, especially when it is about your Business and your career.

Business Problem Astrologer, Pandit Shastri Ji

Business Astrology is a combination of business principles and astrology as per you birth. It is all about the science of the movements of various planets and houses. Astrology for Business is the right and only tool which gives you information about your future situations and predictions about future challenges. Analyze your horoscope and the position of planets in your houses to know the Best Astrology for Business Success by Expert Business Specialist Astrologer in Australia.

Astrology Remedies for your Business Growth

As per Business astrology, the planets connected with 2nd house, 5th house, 9th house & 11th house has all the power to make your Business more fruitful and make more income. You need to know which planets are strongest in these houses that are mentioned below to determine the best option in business:

  • STRONG SUN - A strong sun indicates success in Government related business, export, import, gold business, electricity and energy business, plant trade, clothing, medicine and food grains business, status and reputation.

  • STRONG MOON – A strong sun indicates success in Business related to milk, hot and soft drinks. Doctors in business are related to water, silver, tourism and travel, readymade garments, agriculture, nursery, toys, long term business, transportation, salt, silk, polyester fabrics, all kinds of designing fields, writing, arts and education.

  • STRONG MARS – A strong mars indicates success in Business related to machinery, electronics, electronics, business related, gold, chemicals, agriculture, fertilizers, pesticides, resistance, surgery, vehicles, spare parts, all kinds of equipment maintenance business, all related to business Relates to types of adventure and mines.

  • STRONG MERCURY - All business related to consulting, education, media and film industry. Businesses related to advertising, transportation, publishers and booksellers. Business related to silver, all types of grains, vegetables and fruits and Stock-related business. Business related to Finance and Law. Businesses related to telephone jobs and call centers. Public Relations related business. Paper related businesses are successful if you have strong mercury in your respective house.

  • STRONG JUPITER – If you have a strong Jupiter then you must go with Religious practices, religious products, work, hotels and restaurants related businesses, motels, education related businesses, NGOs, all types of food products related businesses, dairy related businesses, oil and chartered accountancy related businesses.

  • STRONG VENUS – it suggests success in Business, film, acting, drama, story, director, choreographer, all types of latest electronic gadgets, drugs, public relations, politics, hotel, restaurant, motel, business related business, music, business dance, poetry, cultural activities, business Related event management, fashion and cosmetics related business, jewelry, decoration, interior designing, architecture, readymade garments, branded clothing related business.

  • STRONG SATURN – it depicts successful Business related to all metals, construction, works, subcontinent, laborers, architecture, civil works, construction work, building materials, plumbing, all types of work, justice, cement, mines, coal, archeology, research work, finance, wholesale Traders, Malls and Supermarkets, Provision Stores, Grass, Agriculture, Land Development, Banking, Packaging, Woodworking, Shoemaker, Basic Knowledge Business, Oil, Petrol, Gasoline, Crude Oil, Civil, Mechanical Work, Chartered Accountant, Commercial Stock, Stock , Commodities.

  • STRONG RAHU – It suggests success in Business related to Automobiles, Engineering, Technical Works, Toxic Drugs, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Anesthetics, Chemicals, Antibiotics, Pharmacy, Pathology, Lab Technician, Liquor, Anti-Social Activities, Fraud, Business and Luxury Trade, Lotteries, Foreign Languages, Exports and Imports.

  • STRONG KETU – It depicts successful multi-business, business in religious matters, gas, fire, all kinds of metal work, process work, livestock breeding, business related to agriculture, livestock, medicine, equipment, gym and forest, all related to chemical and spiritual things activities, strong aromatic items, doctors, computers, multi-manufacturing, wholesalers, astrology, spiritual sector in addition to education, sporting goods, transport, heavy vehicles.

Will my business succeed or fail? Can partnership in business prove beneficial for me? Which business is best for me? Shall I go with business or look for a job? These questions crossed your mind too when you are thinking to start a Business or do changes in your profession. Get best predictions and right answers to all your business related queries by the Best Business Astrologer in Australia.

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